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The true taste of Porridge, Congee and Soup Recipe! Try it and you will be impressed by the unique Porridge and Soup that uses oats, rice, herbs, flowers, cornmeal, beans, chicken, meats, fish and many more.

Porridge and Congee Recipe

Look no further, here is an 1-stop porridge and congee recipe for you. The best part is all recipes are proven to be delicious and healthy to anyone. The special of this side is you able to get authentic herbs, cereals and beans based porridge recipes for free. Just follow the simple and easy instruction and tips to cook delicious congee at home today!


For anyone who is interested in cooking porridge or congee, this is a must read article: "How To Make Porridge". You can find easy and useful tips in cooking porridge while maintaining the delicious taste and healthy ingredients of the foods.


Recent Porridge Recipe

Baby Porridge

Baby Porridge - Tofu Egg Yolk

Simple and Delicious to make. High protein porridge and help prevent baby indigestion

Forbidden Rice Porridge | Black Rice Porridge

Forbidden Rice Porridge

Higher anthocyanin antioxidants and vitamin E than blueberries! Simple steps and healthy porridge for all.

Breast Improvement Recipes

Breast Improvement

Eating right foods will help to boost your breast size over a period of time. This breast improvement porridge recipes might help you.

Men's Health With Porridge Recipes

Men's Health Porridge Recipe

Erectile Dysfunction, Prostate Cancer, Premature Ejaculation Prevention with natural remedies through right porridge ingredients.

How To Make Porridge

Porridge Recipes

Baby Porridge

Rice Porridge

Men's Health Porridge

Beauty Porridge & Congee

Cornmeal Porridge

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Easy Soup Recipes


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